LSCFTA Spirit Ringing

Current and former WACS students, staff, faculty, friends, and relatives are invited to join us on Spirit Day at 11:00 AM right before Ox Roast gets going. Please come join us at Dan Reed Pier and remember your class mates who have moved to spirit. This has gotten to be a great Westfield event each year and with your participation will continue to grow. This year we are changing from helium filled balloons to the ringing of THE MEMORY BELL for each individual. We are hopeful this new tradition will be a good, environmentally friendly alternative. We will start to gather names of students, teachers and staff that you would like to be included in the ceremony starting at 10:00 AM.

Donations to LSCFTA will be gratefully accepted in lieu of fees.

The event itself will start at 11:00 AM sharp on Sunday, July 14th just before the Ox Roast begins. Come join us and show your WACS school spirit!

8241 1st Street

Westfield, NY