YWCA Whole Health Series

Whole Health Program Series at the YWCA Westfield. 8 Months - 8 Core Topics - Takes place Every third Wednesday at 6:30 PM at the YWCA Westfield.

November - How to deal with the stress of being a caregiver - Learn how to make time for yourself even as you "care - give"

Next Topics in the YWCA Whole Health Series:
Financial Health
Stay Strong, Stay Young
Fasting February
Sleep Better, Recharge Longer
Laugh Away Your Stress
Recommit to Success

$5 each month to attend

For information or to pre-register Contact YWCA Westfield 716-326-2011
or Executivedirector@ywcawestfield.org

58 South Portage Street

Westfield, NY