Here to Stay

By Joan Lemke, August 2010

We bought our historic 1812 home, “The Judge Campbell House” in November 2006, and moved here from Connecticut in April 2007. Finding this town was seemingly a fortunate accident, but we very soon came to believe that it was an amazing gift. We were looking for a place to retire “in a couple of years,” and were interested in finding a historic home in a place that offered a choice of activities, including theater, art, nearby semi-and professional sports, and a safe and physically beautiful place to walk, bike ride, perhaps ski or snow shoe. Not only did Westfield offer all of these things, but probably best of all was the atmosphere. We quickly changed our plans and retired early.

The people of Westfield are all about genuine friendship, hospitality, and being good neighbors. The town seems to be Mayberry RFD reincarnated. The local government and the schools are exceptional. There are more organizations and activities here, and more civic pride, than is usually found in a small town in the Northeast – at least in our experience – and it is a wonderful place to work as well as to play. There is so much support for local businesses, both traditional and home-based. We are loving living in Westfield, and enjoying the restoration of our historic and beautiful house. It feels like we are on a wonderful vacation, and each day we are delighted and excited that it doesn’t have to end with us leaving for home. Westfield IS home and we hope never to leave!

Tom was a career Navy officer and testing engineer for General Dynamics. Joan was a national board certified psychiatric nurse. When not busy restoring their home, Tom and Joan enjoy spending time with their grandson, Michael.