Westfield Fish 2018 June People’s Choice Winner

During the July 6, First Friday event held on Main Street in Westfield the winner of the #Westfield Fish 2018 project was awarded to the Westfield Memorial Hospital Foundation - ER fish #60.  After counting hundreds of ballots a clear winner was established and the June trophy, a framed certificate and a $50.00 Shoptauqua Gift Card were awarded to Kathryn Bronstien and the artist, that created this wonderful entry, Kathy McAllister, by Westfield Barcelona Community Chamber of Commerce board member, Marilyn Hemmer.  The Shoptauqua Gift Card is a program of the Chautauqua County Chamber of Commerce that is useable at all registered chamber businesses in Chautauqua County. They can be purchased by contacting the county chamber office, they make great gifts and help support our local businesses.

The Westfield Fish project was designed to create interest in the Westfield Barcelona community by having these wonderful works of art on display around town to entice people to move about and enjoy all that we have to offer. The fish was chosen to celebrate the prolific fishing industry that Westfield Barcelona has enjoyed since its inception.  This effort has by all accounts been successful. Interest in the project has been so well received that orders are already being accepted for next years salute to our wine industry in the form of a wine bottle.

Each shape is hand cut by board members from quality plywood provided by chamber member ADD (True Value) Lumber in Westfield.  After the shape is cut and directions attached they are delivered as raw wood to the artists to create with whatever medium they so desire.  The creativity and artistry in the fish has been extraordinary, each one unique and delightful. There is talk of auctioning them off after the voting for the September winner has been announced.  This would be the owners choice to include theirs in the auction or not. All proceeds would benefit the beautification of Westfield and help with our Christmas in the Village, Dickens event in November.  Stay tuned to our facebook page for updates.

The voting for the fish continues with ballots available at Peaceful Designs Pottery on Main St, Bristol Burgess Insurance on Main St, Betts Insurance Agency on Main and at RECycle Children’s Boutique on Market St. On weekends ballots may be purchased at the Dan Reed Pier office as well.  Maps are available at various businesses around town. The winner for July will be announced at the August First Friday and August’s winner will be announced at the First Friday in September. If you are in need of ballots or a map please contact Sue Poster, Westfield Chamber of Commerce coordinator at (248) 830 6058.  There is also a map with pictures on WestfieldNY.com Join us on Main St, Westfield, NY on August 3rd from 5-8pm for another wonderful First Friday - what a great party!!

Published: Jul 08, 2018 - 6:28pm