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       Memorial Day Observance Schedule           
       Photo provided by Westfield Department Office Barry Meleen           
       Photo from the Patterson Library Archives of Mabel Powers dressed in her Indian garb that she wore when she told Indian stories and sang songs at her Indian Fire Circle at Wahmeda on Chautauqua Lake           
       A painting of Dan Reed.           
       Free Rabies Immunization Clinic           
       Renee Miller, Board President; Amy Pierce, Executive Director; Angela Fowler, Administrative Coordinator; Nicole Gollhardt, Director of School Age Child Care           
       Patterson Library           
       Municipal Parking Lot Renovation Community Meeting           
       NCCF Logo           
       Northern Chautauqua On The Table           
       Roller Skating           
       Photo provided by Westfield Police Department Officer Barry Meleen. Pictured is circa 1960s photo of the Westfield policemen, both regular and auxiliary. Only one is identified, that of Robert Peterson (back row, right end with ammunition belt), Meleen's grandfather, who was police chief for many years until his retirement in 1968.           
       2018 Community Profile Cover