Pop Up Shop Grand Opening


Plus, a Pre-prohibition Brew Pub and Two Specialty Restaurants opening in Westfield.

Westfield, NY Wednesday August 8, 2018

What is a pop-up shop? A temporary store that pops up quickly. This new shoppe will be open only until December. Pop up arrangements help fill empty store fronts and allows entrepreneurs to try new and risky ideas. This idea has been embraced by several Westfield building owners.

On Saturday from 10 am to 6 pm Rosie's Work Shoppe will open featuring vintage camera 
lights, retro radios, and table lamps made from 1930s projectors. There will also be hands-on displays such as playing with a 1950s Bolex 8 mm camera, the exact model Stephen Spielberg used in high school as well as other iconic vintage cameras.

"Our aim is to put a smile on your face. Tickle your emotions. Engage the heart and challenge the mind. All your senses dancing playfully. We want you to touch, feel, play, enjoy," says Blair Koss one of the two proprietors of Rosie Work Shoppe at 53 East Main. 

Another grand opening will occur on Saturday. The Living Room will throw open its doors to a unique concept at 19 North Portage. A two-story wine bar. Beautifully designed, the first floor features a large classic bar where a wide variety of wine by the glass and artisanal small plate food is offered. But the magic occurs when you climb the stairs to the second floor. You'll find a bunch of cozy intimate living rooms. Comfortable couches and chairs with coffee tables, beautiful artwork. The perfect place to unwind and spend time with friends.

A partnership between The Village of Westfield, Town of Westfield, The Westfield Development Corporation, and the Westfield Barcelona Chamber of Commerce has been instrumental in bringing Westfield's main street to its current condition. Most of the buildings are filled, space is difficult to find. Most of the store fronts have been painted or renovated. A drive through bustling Main street and Portage street reveals glistening buildings and clean shiny windows.

Two other major projects are well underway and near completion. The first is Grace and Abe's, a pre-prohibition themed brew pub and wood fired pizza and grill. The 160-seat two story restaurant and full bar is the brain child of Kevin Daughrity, the proprietor of Quincy Cellars and Sensory Winery. "I see a village on the rise doing all the right things. It was time to invest in this special place," says Kevin. Grace and Abe's sprouted from the old brick Nash dealership building. "It has a wonderful industrial and historical feel just right for this concept," adds Kevin.

Just down Main Street from Rosie's Work Shoppe is Annex 25 which will combine an art gallery, a bar focused on specialty cocktails and tapas. The space is small and intimate with a baby grand piano providing the ambiance owner Julie Kleven imagined the first time she wiped the thick dust off the windows of 25 East Main street.

"We're very excited to see all the progress and development occurring around Westfield. It's an exciting time here. Main and Portage Streets have been important for our village to get its footing and make the entire area successful. We appreciate all the entrepreneurs and building owners working together to create these special businesses here in Westfield," says Mayor Michael VandeVelde.


Published: Aug 08, 2018 - 12:00pm