By Marybelle Beigh, Westfield Town & Village Historian


Some Relatively Recent Bits of Surprise Westfield School History Revealed
Published October 10, 2018

Some More Disclosure & Closure About Miss Jennie Macomber
Published September 26, 2018

Jennie Macomber? She picked up the pieces and put it back together again!
Published August 29, 2018

Remembering Wilson Auto (1st BeeLines – 2007) –  “Do You Remember When…”
Published August 22, 2018

Those Pioneer Leaders, Businessmen, and Doctors who Led Our Early Village
Published August 15, 2018

The Mayor’s “Rogues Gallery” Project Begins
Published August 8, 2018

The 1837 Westfield Academy Described by An Elderly Resident Over Ninety Years Ago
Published August 1, 2018

Historical Tales of the Underground Railroad in Westfield
Published July 25, 2018

Coon Road Speedway Event – Rousing Success – Ox Roast 2018!
Published July 11, 2018

Highlights of First Independence Day Centennial in Westfield on July 4, 1876
Published July 4, 2018

Remembering Hon. Austin Smith and his Legacy to Westfield
Published June 27, 2018

Why Isn’t Flag Day – June 14th – an Official Federal Holiday?
Published June 13, 2018

Coon Road Speedway: PULEEZE, 1950’s Race Enthusiasts – Find That Old Movie!
Published June 6, 2018

HELP WANTED: Find Westfield’s Former Breweries, Bottle Works, and Bottles!
Published May 30, 2018

Please HELP find the records of St. Peter’s German Evangelical Church!
Published May 24, 2018

Following Up on the Police Photo ID
Published May 16, 2018

Stories the Iroquois Tell Their Children - Remembering the late Ella Mabel Powers (Yeh Sen Noh Wehs)
Published May 9, 2018

We have the Dan Reed Memorial Pier in Barcelona, but WHO was Dan Reed?
Published May 2, 2018

In Memoriam… Tommy Baideme - Westfield’s Unofficial “Poet Laureate”
Published April 25, 2018

A Bit of History of Westfield’s Police Department
Published April 17, 2018

Something Different! A “History-Mystery” Card? Table with Autographs!
Published April 4, 2018

The case of the Mysterious Missing Moose photo…
Published March 28, 2018

Honoring our First Responders – Now and “Back Then”
Published March 4, 2018

Some Surprises & a History Mystery from Westfield’s First Corporation Books!
Published February 22, 2018

Do You Remember WWI Veteran, Harold Webster… or The Last Man’s Club?
Published February 15, 2018

More Photos, plus Corrections to BeeLines about Harold Webster…
Published February 15, 2018


Speedways, Race Tracks, Driving Parks – Auto Racers, Jockeys, and Wheelers
Published November 16, 2017 

A Historic Building Sign Mystery is Still Unsolved! Can YOU Help Solve It?
Published November 9, 2017

Searching for the Records of St. Peter’s German Evangelical & Reformed Church
Published ​October 19, 2017 

More About the WWII POW Camp in Westfield / Mystery Diner from Nearby
Published ​August 31, 2017

Along Chautauqua Creeks – More History of Westfield Waterworks and Dams
Published August 24, 2017 

Welch Field History – Pool Celebrates 50 Years!
Published August 17, 2017

Did You Know That There Was a German POW Camp in Westfield During WWII?
Published August 10, 2017 

Along Erie Shore, Chautauqua Creeks - Tying Up Loose Ends & More Speculations
Published August 3, 2017 

Portage Road-French/Indian War WNY’s First “Fourth of July” in 1754 – Part VI
Published ​July 27, 2017 

WNY’s First “Fourth of July” in 1754…Part V Tag to Portage Road – French/Indian War
Published  July 20, 2017 

Unraveling the History and Legends About Westfield Before the Settlers…Part One
Published June 15, 2017 

Along Lake Erie & Chautauqua Creek – History, Mystery, Myths & Dreams
Published June 8, 2017 

Another Early Settler - Dr. Alexander McIntyre & his Sulphur Springs, Westfield
Published June 1, 2017 

Sorting the Attic… Sharing the Memories… Searching around for more…
Published May 24, 2017 


Trolleys, Trains, Railways, Street Cars, Cable Cars, Traction Cars…
Published September 8, 2016 

A Diner Story that Keeps Growing and Getting Better and Better…
Published September 1, 2016 


Putting “Tew and Tew” Together…to Solve another History Mystery!
Published June 4, 2015 

Remembering Westfield’s Drive-In Theater
Published May 21, 2015 

History Highlights of the Spencer Block from 1870-1950
Published May 14, 2015 

History of 42 North Portage…Now Known as Portage Pie!
Published April 30, 2015 

More about NW Corner of Main and Portage Streets
Published April 23, 2015 

History of the NW Corner of Main and Portage Streets - Part III
Published April 23, 2015 

History of the NW Corner of Main and Portage Streets - Part II
Published April 16, 2015 

History of the NW Corner of Main and Portage Streets - Part I
Published April 8, 2015 

History of the Portage Inn
Published March 30, 2015 

Westfield’s First Fire Hall and Lock Up
Published March 24, 2015 


Are We “Falling Through the Cracks?”…Westfield History – People & Places – Structures & Stories?
Published January 31, 2013 

One that “fell through the cracks” recently – the Stephens House at Forsythe
Published February 7, 2013