*To see the map (or if you need an updated map) of all the houses that have Christmas lights, please send us your email address either via private FB message, or by texting Andrew at 753-6842. Unfortunately, we can only send the map to Google accounts.

*The map has 43 (38 Westfield, 3 Ripley, & 2 Brocton) houses on it. The houses are separated into various tours that have specific Christmas icons attached. Just click on the icon to see the specific address of the house.

Westfield Christmas Tours


-Candy Cane (Spring St. to Brewer Place)

*60 Spring St.

*14 Spring St.

*88 Academy St.

*14 Bank St.

*9 Grove St.

*16 Brewer Place

*20 Brewer Place


-Christmas Tree (1st St. to Bliss St.)

*24 W. 2nd St.

*22 1st St.

*87 Elm St.

*116 Elm St.

*5 Wood St.

*168 Bliss St.

*186 Bliss St.

*189 Bliss St.


-Elf (2nd St. to 3rd St.)

*36 E. 2nd St.

*46 Beckman Ave.

*60 Beckman Ave.

*50 3rd St.

*47 3rd St.

*91 Union St.


-Gingerbread (Town of Westfield/Ripley)

*9008 Lombard Rd.

*6133 Douglas Rd.

*9107 Belson Rd.

*9126 Belson Rd.


-Rudolph (West Westfield)

*40 Oak St.

*57 N. Gale St.

*7 S. Gale St.

*20 S. Gale St.

*22 S. Gale St.

*8096 Minton Rd.

*7024 Rogerville Rd.


-Santa Claus (North Westfield)

*7605 Prospect Rd.

*46 Jefferson St.

*7868 Persons Rd.


-Snowman (Kent St. to 3rd St.)

*40 Kent St.

*5 Bell Parkway

*15 Beckman Ave.

*16 Beckman Ave.

*20 Beckman Ave.

*18 Crandall St.


-Stocking (Brocton)

*38 Old Mill Rd

*151 Old Mill Rd.


As the holiday season approaches, we're hoping that we can spread some Christmas joy in a safe and fun fashion. We're going to compile a list of houses in Westfield and the surrounding areas that are decorated with Christmas lights this year. We will then create a driving tour (on a map) that we will post on our Facebook page and website that families and/or individuals can use this holiday season to check out some awesome displays!


If you have or are planning to decorate your house with Christmas lights this holiday season and don't mind having people drive by to see them, then please either message us on here or call/text Andrew at 753-6842 and give us your address. As we start to receive addresses, we will compile a list and make a driving tour around town. As we receive more addresses, we will update the tour. If all goes well, we will have a vote before Christmas on which house has the best light display and that house will receive a prize.

We know these are difficult times for everyone. So please help us by spreading Christmas joy this season!

Published: Dec 07, 2020 - 3:32pm