Thanks for a Great Season of Roller Skating!


We have now finished another great season of Friday Night Roller Skating! We'd like to take the chance to say a big THANKS to all those who helped make this season a great one!

Thanks to the PARENTS who have supported the program and especially to those who came each week and stayed throughout!

Thanks to the GROUPS (Northlake Family Recreation Center, Northwest WAVE Soccer Club, Westfield Cub Scouts Pack #201 and Westfield Youth Wrestling) who ran the concession stand and we're committed to being there for their weeks. We appreciate your support of the program!

Thanks to our CHAPERONS (Christian Caballero, John Emmons, Michelle Morse, Don Parker, Luci Petrella and James Ruch) for their dedication to the program and for willingly giving up their time to help each week! 

Thanks to our WACS STUDENT VOLUNTEERS (Nicole Abers, Jason Almeter, Katie Almeter, Kelly Almeter, Alexis Auffhamer, Bradley Babcock, Andrew Baribeau, Richard Barney, Jamie Black, Dylan Covert, Jordan Czak, Kaleb Damcott, Bryce Dunlap, Mathew Emmons, Jayden Evans, Bradlee Gariepy, Grace Garske, Josh Hoffman, Paul Landphere, Taylor Landphere, Braiden Mcelhaney, Jacob Miller, Lincoln Paternosh, Lauren Quagliana, Montana Reardon, Grant Richard, Easton Seger, Noah Smith, Brendan Trippe, Joe Trippe and Randy Trippe) for making everything possible by donating their time to help set and clean up, as well as run the games and the skate room. They're truly an awesome group of young people! We had 32 different volunteers this year, which I believe is a record!

Most of all, thanks to all of the KIDS who came to skating and had a great time every week. You all made it fun for us and we can't wait until next year!

Published: Apr 18, 2018 - 8:22am