*The following write-up/picture is the latest edition of our monthly volunteer spotlight of volunteers in the Westfield Rec. Dept. We are blessed in the Rec. Dept. to have had so many wonderful people who have volunteered their time over the years to make our department and programs/events what they are today. We want to say thank you! To nominate someone for volunteer spotlight, please send us a private message on Facebook or call/text Andrew at 753-6842.

Our volunteer spotlight for December is the Baum family (Chris, Shannon, Mason, and Logan). They are the first family to be honored in our volunteer spotlight of the month. For close to 10 years, the Baums have volunteered in a variety of Rec. Dept. programs including coaching indoor and outdoor youth soccer, coaching youth basketball, and helping with the Tour of Chautauqua Bike Ride. In addition, Shannon served on our Rec. Commission for several years. Also, Mason and Logan have helped at youth basketball games by keeping the score and/or time.

Few people have been involved with as many Rec. Dept. programs as the Baum family have been. When asked what their favorite programs have been; Mason and Logan said, “The summer rec. program at Welch Field.” They have attended the program for many years. Ironically, that is the same program that Shannon use to work at when she was younger. Shannon and Chris’s favorite program has been outdoor soccer. There, they have served as some of the best coaches that the Rec. Dept. have had.

Without dedicated volunteers like the Baum family, Rec. Dept. programs would not happen. But to volunteer in programs, takes a lot of time and dedication. “Volunteers are the backbone to keeping the programs in our community successful. We would like the boys to volunteers and be active in their communities as adults, so it is important to lead by example. In addition, it is great to get to know the youth in our area. They are worth every bit of effort.” Chris and Shannon said. Undoubtedly, they are setting a great example for not just their sons, but for the entire community.

This is the first time an entire family has been named our volunteer spotlight. In reflecting on that, Chris and Shannon said “It is quite humbling. There are so many volunteers in the Rec. Dept., and in other programs in our community, that truly make our town special and unique. Investing time in the kids and our future, is value in itself.” The value that the Baums speak of is more important than ever in these challenging times. It can be difficult to find much to be enthusiastic about these days, but the Baums remain optimistic and their enthusiasm is an example to us all. We are truly blessed to have them be a part of our Rec. Dept. and Westfield community!

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Published: Jan 21, 2021 - 5:06pm