*We apologize that this article is so late in getting released!

*The following write-up/picture is the latest edition of our monthly volunteer spotlight of volunteers in the Westfield Rec. Dept. We are blessed in the Rec. Dept. to have so many wonderful people who do and have volunteered their time both now and, in the past, to make our department and programs/events what they are today. We want to say THANK YOU! To nominate someone for volunteer spotlight, please send us a private message on Facebook or call/text Andrew at 753-6842.

Our volunteer spotlight for November is Chris Chasse. Chris has volunteered in the Rec. Dept. over the span of 12 years. He first volunteered while he was in High School, then has been back volunteering in our department over the last 4 years. He has volunteered in various programs including both our youth indoor and fall soccer programs, as well as our youth basketball program. Chris has also been quite involved in other volunteer endeavors in our community. He has coached in the Westfield Goldenhawks program for many years now and has even coached in the Westfield Little League program. In addition to coaching, Chris is a member of the Westfield Fire Dept. and is very devoted to the department and is often responding to emergency calls. In many ways, Chris is like the energizer bunny as he is always doing something and usually that involves helping other people and giving back to the community.

Chris’s favorite Rec. Dept. program to volunteer in is youth basketball. He has been a lifelong basketball fan and he loves teaching the next generation what he has previously learned in his own athletic career. One of the neat things about Chris coaching in all these youth sports programs, is that for the most part, he participated in all these programs when he was a youth growing up in Westfield. At different times in his volunteer coaching career, Chris has been able to coach with his brother Nick (including right now, as they are leading our 6th grade boys’ basketball group). It is cool to see the brothers coaching together!

So much of Chris’s life is spent volunteering his time and helping other people. It is almost like he never gets tired. When asked why he volunteers so much of his time, he said “I volunteer because I love helping people and teaching the kids. It is a real joy for me. I enjoy interacting with them and seeing them have a good time just like I did when I was a part of the programs.” It seems a simple thing, to give some of your own time to others. But it is not, and most people are not willing to give of their time so freely and enthusiastically as Chris is. The Westfield Rec. Dept. is quite lucky to have Chris as a coach and volunteer, and the community of Westfield has just been absolutely blessed by Chris and how he has chosen to live his life and give back to others. Our youth is better off for the time they have gotten to spend being on his teams. Thank you, Chris!

Published: Jan 14, 2022 - 3:19pm