We have created a poll so that all of you can vote for your favorite Christmas Lights' houses from our Village of Westfield Rec. Dept. Christmas Lights map.

We have picked 10 of our favorite Westfield houses as well as 5 of our favorite non-Westfield houses. All of the houses are excellent choices and we would like to give a HUGE THANKS to all of the owners of the 45 houses on our map as well as everyone who asked for a map and showed an interest in this program. We look forward to doing this again next year!

Please keep in mind that there are no formal prizes that will be given out. This is a poll for fun and the whole idea of this was to spread Christmas joy and everyone more than succeeded in that!

To vote for your favorite houses, click on the link below:

Published: Jan 07, 2021 - 1:22pm