Independent Energy Efficiency Program of New York

The Village of Westfield is a member of the Independent Energy Efficiency Program (IEEP) of New York.  This program is funded through contributions from the Electric fund, and allows residents to apply for rebates for Energy Efficient products.  

The Independent Energy Efficiency Program was established in January, 2001, as a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation consisting of municipal electric utility members in New York State. A unique, creative, utility-focused and technology-based organization, the IEEP provides resources for a broad range of qualified energy efficiency projects and services to its member systems.

IEEP member systems range in size from small rural electric utilities serving a few hundred meters to large municipal electric utility systems serving thousands of customers.

  • The IEEP provides a broad base of energy-efficient technology options to municipal electric systems in New York.
  • The IEEP helps New York municipal utilities improve the earth’s environment by offering a “tailor-made” energy efficiency program built to the specific needs of each IEEP member utility system.
  • The IEEP provides even the smallest utilities access to a wide array of effective energy efficiency options.
  • The IEEP builds on favorable economies of scale made possible by its member systems working together as a single utility.
  • The IEEP functions as a staff extension to member utilities for the investigation, implementation and installation of energy efficiency projects.
  • The IEEP assists New York municipal utilities in aligning with Federal, State and local policies and guidelines while focusing on local circumstances.
  • The IEEP spurs economic development, creating and preserving jobs in New York State.
  • The IEEP helps consumers make informed energy efficiency decisions so their homes may be more durable, comfortable and energy efficient.

To find out more information about the IEEP, or to inquire about rebates, contact the Electric Department at (716) 326-2145.