NYSERDA Home Energy Assessments Available

The Village of Westfield and the Independent Energy Efficiency Program of New York (IEEP) are partnering with Superior Energy Innovations, LLC to offer Home Energy Assessments and rebates to make energy efficient improvements for customers who use electric as their primary heating source.

Anyone is eligible to apply for the energy assessment regardless of heating fuel source.  If your gross annual income is less than $101,800, there is no cost to have the assessment done.  The contractor will present the results of the assessment along with recommended upgrades.  Costs and projected benefits of completing these upgrades will be presented as well.  The IEEP will offer a 50% match, up to $3,000 for the Village of Westfield Electric customers who are using electric as their primary heating source to make energy efficient improvements to their home.

This is a great program that can help residents identify ways to reduce their utility bills.  The assessment is free or done for a very small fee depending on your income level.  There are also programs available for residents who use heating sources other than electric, and additional assistance for low income residents.

Application forms are available online or can be picked up at Eason Hall or the Electric Department.  We are only able to offer a limited number of rebates, so apply as soon as possible if interested.

Published: Jun 23, 2017 - 1:22pm