Fire Department

Chris Reese, Fire Chief
8096 Minton Road
Westfield, N.Y. 14787
Cell Phone: 450.8715

An all-volunteer department with 45+ members provides fire protection in the Village and Town of Westfield. The fire station is located at 20 Clinton Street in the Village.  The Fire Department is equipped well to handle most situations.  Currently, the department has one pumper, a pumper/tanker, a quint style ladder truck, two ambulances, one heavy rescue vehicle and two miscellaneous vehicles.

Emergency ambulance services in the Town and Village of Westfield are provided by the Village of Westfield Fire Department for areas North of Coon Road, or by the Town of Sherman Fire Department for areas South of Coon Road. Within the Village of Westfield Fire Department are approximately 20 active volunteers trained in Red Cross Advanced First Aid. Fourteen of our members are certified as Emergency Medical Technicians by New York State. The Fire Department does not use an outside ambulance service — all rescue activities and transportation to a hospital facility are handled by the Department.

The Fire Department can be reached at (716) 326-2661 for all non-emergency situations. For emergencies please dial 911.


The Fire Department of Westfield is steeped with deep tradition, a strong sense of honor and commitment, and perhaps most importantly, a true understanding of the words personal sacrifice. Absent the time clocks and bi-weekly paychecks, it is hard to imagine that this is an all volunteer group of dedicated men and women. From the concrete pads that support thousands of pounds of sparkling fire trucks and equipment, to the beautifully handcrafted hardwood chairs and tables that fill the individual company rooms on the second floor, the Fire Department of Westfield represents the best our community has to offer.

Officially formed on September 10, 1872, the Fire Department of Westfield provides fire protection and emergency rescue services to the Village and Town of Westfield, a geographical area of over 47 square miles and having a population (2000 census) of over 5,200 residents. With an active membership of just over 40 people, the ratio is roughly one member to every 130 residents. A daunting task in and of itself; however the Department has the added responsibility of assisting the Chautauqua County Sheriff’s Department and the US Coast Guard with covering approximately 8 linear miles of lake Erie’s southern shorefront. It doesn’t end at the waterfront, Westfield also has Interstate 90 and State Routes 5 and 20 coursing through it with CSX Transportation and Norfolk-Southern railroads a scant half of mile north of Main Street. These are all potentially very high risk areas where Westfield crews would typically be considered first responders.

Currently located on Clinton Street in the heart of the Village, the Fire Department of Westfield has an impressive selection of fire fighting and emergency rescue equipment manned by highly trained volunteers to ensure the highest levels of safety for our residents.

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