Village Safety Committee

The Village of Westfield Safety Committee is comprised of members representing both Village Management and Non-Management Personnel.  The IBEW Local 459 Business Manager chooses two Union members and the Mayor chooses two Management employees to serve on the Safety Committee.  Current members representing management include DPW Director Andrew Thompson and Administrator-Village Clerk Vincent Luce.  Members representing Union employees include Line Supervisor Tye Flurie and A1 Linemen Michael Paternosh.

​The Village of Westfield Safety Committee was formed to provide all employees the venue to discuss, in a collaborative and proactive manner, suggestions or methods to improve or maximize workplace safety for all Village employees.  The Committee has no independent authority and may only make recommendations to the Employer/Union for consideration and implementation.  Obviously, any mandatory subject of negotiation is subject to the collective bargaining procedure as outlined in the Village's contract with Union Employees represented by the IBEW Local 459 and/or as provided for in the New York State Taylor Law.

Meeting Frequency

The Safety Committee meets once a month at the DPW Offices on English Street.

Safety Oriented Suggestions or Recommendations

Any full-time Village of Westfield employee may submit safety oriented suggestions or recommendations to the committee as a whole via the group e-mail.

Union employees may also submit their recommendations or suggestions to the Union Safety Committee Members during their monthly meetings with union-only employees. E-mail comments are also welcome and may be sent to the Safety Committee's group e-mail.

​We ask that part-time employees inquire to their direct Supervisor if they have a safety related suggestion or recommendation. If this issue cannot be addressed through that channel, the Supervisor may then discuss this with the Safety Committee. Obviously, the Village retains all of the rights to direct and manage its workforce as it sees fit.

​Finally, imminent safety issues or problems should always be immediately directed to the Department Supervisor first.